An introduction to core user functions in Datumize Zentral such as login, logout, profile amendments, project and resource management.


In this section you will learn:

  • Log in, log out and request new credentials
  • How to edit your profile details
  • Do basic user management
  • Starting out with Projects
  • Working with Resources


Accessing Datumize Zentral (DZ) requires that you have already been assigned a login from either your Administrator, or in the case of Administrators, credentials from Datumize. Once you have been granted permission to access Zentral, you will be able to work with the primary features of the Zentral platform, from creating and managing projects, working with pipelines, to managing deployments, editing profile settings, and for Admins, creating users

Log in to Datumize Zentral

You need an account to use Datumize Zentral. If you don’t have one please contact us.

In order to log in to Datumize Zentral (DZ) make sure you have:

Use a supported browser and navigate to .

Here you will find the login page of Zentral. Please use the username and password previously provided by your Administrator or by Datumize directly. Should you need to change your password please use the forgotten password link provided. 

Further Help

Once logged in, in the upper right corner of each page you will find a life vest icon for accessing our help services. If you click on any of the links you will open a new window. Use the help to:

  • Go to this documentation.
  • Access Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Reach out to Customer Support.

It should appear with these options:

Editing Your User Profile

Once logged in, in the upper right corner of each page you will find an icon to access your user profile.


The account accompanied by your email address (also your username). Clicking on either the person icon, or your email address with provide a My Account popup window, that has three primary points of interest that can be edited, cancelled or saved. This will allow for you to edit your name, a description of your profile, and your email address. It is very important that the email address remains updated and accurate as this is tied to your authentication. Any changes must be committed by using the save button.

Once you are happy with the look of your profile it is time to get started on your first project, or in the case of administrators working with roles and users should you need to do so.

Working with Projects

A Project is a logical grouping of components, pipelines and deployments that represents a use case for a particular business purpose. Often these uses are for utilizing the core functionalities of Datumize technologies to capture date, process the data, and store it for further use. A project therefore is a grouping of settings, functionalities and configurations that suit the purpose at hand; these assets are called Resources. 

Upon successful login you will start at the projects page if you have no projects configured. You can start from scratch or select some of the available templates.

A new project can be created in one of two ways, either by selecting the Create a Project button in the center of the post login landing page shown below, or by selecting the drop-down menu in the upper left quadrant of the window and selecting Projects> New Project.

Opting to create a new project, from either the drop-down, or icon, will enable the new project naming screen to appear on the right of the screen. This screen allows you to give a project a memorable name, as well as any relevant description that will help yourself and others to identify the project at a later date. The name can be edited at a later date in the resources section however the description will be locked. The name of a project should be unique to the project as you will not be able to save two projects with the same name.

At any given time, you can switch between projects. Utilizing the drop-down menu allows for the option to skip to a previously created project and resume any previously saved projects. If you choose to resume an already created project, simply select it from the drop-down list under the Projects drop-down.

Working with Resources

Once a project has been created for the first time, or a project is selected from the projects drop-down (if no resources had been previously been saved), the resources landing page will become available. In general a resource is anything contained within a project that is configurable by the Zentral user. The first time the resources page is viewed on any project, all of the available resources will be displayed that are available to be utilized associated with the selected project. This is the main hub for working with your project resources such as to; Create a DDC Pipeline, Create a Deployment Plan or to Create a Stub.

Please see the pages on Working with Pipelines, Deploying Pipelines to Machines and Working with Stubs.

Once a project resource has been saved, it will be available in the Resources management page. Here you can select the DDC Pipelines, Deployment plan and the Stubs previously created for the project you are working on, if you have created them. From this page existing resources can be amended, deleted or imported/exported for use in a project. A complete and functioning project will require a DDC Pipeline, Pipeline Properties, a Deployment plan, and knowledge of polices and properties, while a Stub is useful for data discovery and testing. 

Once a project has a resource such as a pipeline, or deployment, you will be able to use the Resources dropdown in the upper left to quickly navigate between available project resources.

You can also always create a new resource should you need one. Additionally you can filter using the down arrow to sort by alphabetical order to more quickly manage and find previously created resources.

If you would like to use the same resource for multiple projects, depending on the resource, it is possible to use the import and export buttons on the resources pages to do so. Simply select the resource and the action you wish to perform, click the import or export, locate the directory for the target upload, or export the configurations and then submit your choices.

Zentral is made of several component editors that comprise the pipeline, resources, projects and user management functions. Traversing these functions can be done through the navigation tabs on each screen. To return to Create a New project simply click on the Datumize logo to return to the Create a Project home screen. Alternatively you can navigate to any of the other Zentral pages associated with the current project you are viewing by either utilizing the Resources drop-downs to navigate to created resources, or if you want to change project by navigating to the project drop-down.

Log out from Datumize Zentral

Once you have completed what you have wanted to do, navigate on any page to your account email and username and double click on it which will bring up the My profile tab editor. Select sign out to continue to sign out of Zentral.