In some cases you may need to download and manually install and start your instances.

Downloading Instance Bundle

From Infrastructure tab of your Deployment plan

  1. Press the more info button

  2. Select Download offline

Manually Deploying DDC Instance

  1. Copy ddc bundle to your server and extract.
  2. Create directory log inside extracted ddc folder. 
  3. Set permissions of the ddc folder to 775 recursively. 

If you are using a file source/sink component with input or output folders, these folders will need to present with permissions 775.

Starting DDC Instance

In order to start a DDC instance you will need your company UUID, please contact support if needed.

Available commands

  • start
  • stop
  • restart
#From inside the ddc folder or using the absolute path.

sudo bin/ddc {command} {instance_identifier} {company_UUID}

The instance identifier must be unique.