A flexible and powerful logger is essential and included with every deployment.

Allowing the following Log Levels:


Default Log Level: WARN

Creating a log Policy 

From your Deployment plan

  1. Press the Add a Policy button and select DDC policy
  2. Select Policy Type: Log Policy 
    Select Default level: Debug 
    Fill other required information.

Assigning to New Instance

When you add an instance the new Log Policy will be available in the instance settings.


Assigning to a deployed instance.

From the Infrastructure tab click more info button and select edit instance.

You can now select the new Log Policy option.

To deploy the new policy to the instance use Apply changes  

This Log Policy Will be Available to all instances in your deployment plan.

Some log policies Debug and Trace for example will log a vast amount of data.

Once you have finished debugging remember to set the Log level to warn